We future-proof brands and businessess
Whatever the future may hold, we don’t believe in surrendering to ‘survival mode’ – we fight to proactively build sustainable success stories; we fight against the enemies that stand in the way of progress.
We adapt quickly, respond rapidly and lead change
Which means we’re able to get things done, concretely, in a fragile world. One that requires quick creativity at times and intensive deep dives at others.
We believe in a better way
In finding a sweet spot to agitate and engage with difficult questions, before finding a solution that goes far beyond simply maintaining status quo.
We prioritise the planet
And that means facing up to its changing state – confronting the challenges ahead; championing the disruptive approaches and businesses that can overcome those challenges.
We focus on the entirety of the experience
From those initial bolts from the blue, to the connection-cementing epiphanies, to true conversions to the cause.
We design solutions beyond ‘design solutions’
Yes, we’re passionate about the aesthetics of what we do, but we also know that most problems aren’t solved by pretty pictures alone. We spring creativity from logical responses to complex requirements.

We believe that a world in flux demands a new way of doing things.
No more out-of-the-box attempts at ‘authenticity’. No more copy-paste creativity that’s never going to really cut it with an audience transformed by recent and ongoing events. We think it’s a mistake to see ‘a return to normality’ as the ultimate goal right now. Instead there’s an opportunity to do good work, in the true sense of the word. Meaningful work. Impactful work. Work that isn’t slave to outdated ideas about what a brand or business can achieve. Isn’t slave to a mentality that screams CONVERT RIGHT NOW AT ALL COSTS.

We’re not really interested in ‘at all costs’.
We don’t think you should be either. Not if that cost encompasses head-in-the-sand-business-as-usual in a time of real revolution. Not if that cost includes indulging enemies of progress because it’s easier to stick with what you know. Who you know. How you know. The ‘knowledge’ that ultimately only leads to stasis, to drift, to absolute irrelevancy.

We’re interested in the wake up calls.
The calls to embrace the revolution. The competitive advantages that can come through real emotional impact, meaningful connections and difficult truths, confronted. We’re interested in the startling, the lingering, the altogether unforgettable. The unique experiences we can craft because we’re small and nimble enough to navigate the revolution in ways that lumbering giants can’t. Because we’re big-picture and idealistic enough to push ourselves and our clients towards the bold new frontiers that prescriptive corporates are incapable of. With conviction. Without trying to appease or appeal to everyone. We’ll go ahead and say it: we want to revolutionise. And at some point every good revolution has to leave the dinosaurs in the dust.

We love, most of all, to push things forwards.
That can be scary to some, but if done right it is liberating. And it is exciting. And it brings success.

As individuals, we have learned that the best thinking, creative ideas and business successes come about when you work with people that challenge and inspire. We have a deep respect for each other which enables heated debates, creative conflicts and an insatiable drive to find new inspiration and ideas.

Whilst our talents, skills and expertise are varied and eclectic, our values and ambitions are shared. We are 01-20.

Jake Mason

Jake’s creative roots lie in the music scene of Los Angeles where he first started out as a session player. A move to the UK for a role with Apple then led to roles at some of the world’s largest branding agencies, where his passion for building great brands was born.

Recognising the impact that effective branding could have on sectors that – at that time at least – were typically ‘unbranded’, Jake applied his combination of instinctive and learned knowledge to a number of businesses in the finance and property world.

Jake couldn’t shake the lure of the agency life however, and in 2005 he founded Evolve. With a fearlessness inspired by both proven success and start-up ambitions, Evolve laid the foundations for 0120: an agency built to overcome the outdated thinking and lumbering progress of the brand world.

Fraser Bingham

Fraser honed his craft and cultivated his own distinct approach to design while working at a number of renowned design studios in both Auckland, New Zealand, and London.

Fraser’s deep-seated passion for design history has led to a practice that is built around both an innate ability to embody distinctive atmospheres and a deep-seated respect for the crucial, micro level details that are so often overlooked. Process-driven, he draws on a wide range of outside influences while crafting his output: from art and ephemera, to literature, to vernacular signage and beyond.

His is a process which also involves “stripping back an idea to its most fragile” – finding that pure centre before developing for it a new skin, a new way of being. Empowering that idea so that it might face the world as best it possibly can.

Carla Pia

Carla began her career playing a pivotal role in the shaping of a fashion and retail analytics app that was named one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. She helped grow the brand from scratch, curating profitable marketing campaigns and securing features in some of the most renowned fashion publications.

A natural transition into client services at one of the largest creative agencies in Scotland, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, saw Carla honing her understanding of how brands thrive in a variety of industries, from the financial sector and public services, to alcohol brands.

A move down to London brought Carla to Evolve, where she helped craft some of the most exciting international hotel brands and experiences around. At 0120, Carla enables clients to think more deeply and holistically about the brands and experiences they want to build.

Lisa McWilliam

Lisa started her career as a journalist for BBC Radio 4 specialising in consumer affairs. So began her lifelong passion for consumer insights, future trends, positioning and innovation.

Since then, Lisa has run leading global branding agencies such as Blue Marlin, Landor and Brandhouse, across multiple markets and sectors.

As well as being CMO for a new international vodka brand, she advises start-ups on brand and consumer strategies.

James Darton
Creative Copywriter

Upon graduating, James became a member of the founding team at LN-CC, an internationally renowned, boundary-pushing fashion retailer that won numerous accolades for both its online and experiential incarnations.

Since then, he has helped numerous brands and businesses find their ‘voice’. His writing, trend forecasting and strategic input have been utilised by progressive tech start-ups, global fashion brands and numerous FTSE100 companies alike.

James combines his experience in building brands with an approach informed by wider literary, philosophical and thought leadership influences. His writing on a wide range of subjects has appeared in the likes of Vice, i-D, Freunde von Freunden, Mr Porter Daily and Der Tagesspiegel. He is also a frequent Guest Editor-in-Chief of BeingHunted Magazine.

Engaging with difficult questions, before finding a solution that goes far beyond simply maintaining status quo.

Research & Strategy
Enemy Labs
Visual identity
Interior design narrative
Business consultancy
Brand architecture
Experience design
Art Direction
Photo/Video production
Print and material design
Digital design & experience

Client Year Sector Location
Byblos In progress Hospitality Spain
Intriva Ongoing Private Equity Global
Storey’s In progress Hospitality Manchester, UK
Thornbury Castle In Progress Castle UK
London & Capital In progress Wealth Management London, UK
Hyatt Ongoing Hotel Global
Marriott Ongoing Hotel Global
PepsiCo Ongoing FMCG Insights Dublin, UK
Berkeley Group Ongoing Property UK
Mount juliet 2019 Hospitality Ireland
Darby's 2019 Hospitality London, UK
Flyp 2019 Property Tech London, UK
Grand Oak Ltd 2019 Alcohol West Africa
OpenGamma 2018 Fintech London, UK
Mars 2018 FMCG Global
Pernod Ricard 2018 Alcohol Europe
Diageo 2018 Alcohol Global
GSK 2018 Pharmaceutical Global
Omega Pharma 2017 Pharmaceutical European
Paragraph Hotels 2017 Hospitality Georgia
The Dixon 2017 Hospitality London, UK
Shell 2016 Energy Global
Nedcor/Nedbank 2016 Finance EMEA
Codeclan 2016 Tech Edinburgh, UK
Wembley Park 2015 Regeneration London, UK
Innis & Gunn 2015 Alcohol Edinburgh, UK
Business Stream 2015 Utility Edinburgh, UK
VisitScotland 2015 Travel Edinburgh, UK
M&S 2015 Retail UK
Royal Lyceum Theatre 2015 Theatre Edinburgh, UK
Tata Group 2014 Enterprise Global
Mallzee 2014 Fashion & Retail Edinburgh, UK
British Airways 2010 Airline Global
Galliford Try 2008-2015 Construction UK
Thameslink Programme 2009 Rail London, UK
Marston 2009 Corporate UK
Graylingwell Park 2008 Sustainable Living Chichester, UK
First Capital Connect 2005 Rail London, UK
V&A 2005 Culture London, UK
First Great Western 2004 Rail UK
Fabric 2000 Entertainment London, UK

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